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Summary Letter

Acts 2:42 Ministries had a great 2016. To see the summary of 2016 and plans for 2017 please click the link below.

After school program

While the tutoring has been going well, Acts 2:42 Ministries could see reaching more people with an after school program. So, thanks for the Good News Club ( and Holy Alliance Church for letting me visit and ask lots of questions. If you know of an afterschool program that has both academics and Biblical teaching please let me know.

Faith invigoration

With the start of 2017, Acts 2:42 Ministries has a few people studying the Bible while learning English. It is exciting to study with them and experience the freshness of God’s Word. It really invigorates my faith.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Acts 2:42 Ministries is looking forward to 2017. One person who is being tutored accepted Christ! Another agreed to study the Bible to learn English! Thank you for all those that prayed and supported Acts 2:42 Ministries in 2016.

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