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Portable Gazebo

Thanks for this idea Bernie Skvarka. A 10 x 10 foot canopy for those cookouts that are wet or hot. Also, can be useful for Public Awareness Events that Acts 2:42 Ministries does.

Donation Followup

Thank you again for the donations from Leroy Wilson Jr. and Carrington Court to Acts 2:42 Ministries. Here is what happened with the donations: The shoes were given to a single mom of five children. Someone who suffered a stroke will be enjoying the clothes. The puzzles are being enjoyed and displayed (see picture) by a family Acts 2:42 Ministries tutors.

God's perfect timing

Praise God for a family being able to use the replaced refrigerator below. The freezer wasn’t working, but then someone told how to fix it. So, it was working and waiting for a family to use it. The family’s fridge stopped working and they took the fridge pictured below that day. Praise God for His timing!

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