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Sometimes we are the answer

Sometimes the answer to our prayers is ourselves. As I started tutoring English to those that live here I desired to communicate with them in Spanish. After asking and praying, I felt strongly that I needed to learn Spanish. While it will take years to learn Spanish proficiently, I can see how the people have a greater respect for me attempting to learn Spanish. They see that I care enough to not just teach English, but also learn their native language. This is truly God working as I always remember disliking language learning. I never did like English in school. However, God works in mysterious (and sometimes humorous) ways. Through Acts 2:42 Ministries ( I am teaching English and actually enjoying learning Spanish. I still pray for someone to help share Christ in their native tongue so their questions can be discussed. In the meantime I feel that God is using me to prepare their hearts as I continue my Spanish lessons.

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