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Rule breaker

I am a “dot your i’s and cross your t’s” type of person. I like knowing the rules and following them the best I can. This can be great for some things like accounting J However, when it comes to my relationship with God it can be stifling. Matthew 19:16-22 comes to mind. A rich young ruler comes to Jesus saying he is following the rules. However, Jesus cuts right through this and sees what the man is missing. The rich young ruler had stifled his relationship with God with his rule following.

I have a more personal example with Acts 2:42 Ministries. For years I lived in the park and prayed for people. However, I really didn’t get involved in their lives. I didn’t really see it as a “rule” to keep. It was only after yielding to God’s prompting of tutoring neighbors that things changed. Yes, it requires time and giving up several evenings, but the freshness that it brings with my walk with God is priceless. I am glad that I followed this leading. I also pray that I don’t make tutoring a “rule” and miss out on what God has next for this neighborhood and my own life.

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