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There are various ways that you can donate to get involved in Acts 2:42 Ministries.  Click on where God leads you to be involved.

Prayer Requests:

Prayer Requests

Without prayer very little would get done.  So, any time you can spend praying for the items below is greatly appreciated.  You are making an impact for God’s Kingdom.  To stay up to date you can also look at Acts 2:42 Ministries blog or Facebook page.


Several families with children live in the park.  However, there are only so many hours for one person to tutor.  Please pray for more people to come and help tutor.

There are two mobile homes in Acts 2:42 Ministries.  As God provides additional funds, another mobile home can be added in another neighborhood.  Please pray for these funds and God provides another home and person with a heart of reaching residents in mobile homes.


While Acts 2:42 Ministries strives to meet the needs of those that are part of the ministry, there are many in the mobile home park that do not know Christ, including Latinos.  There is no nearby church where Latinos can learn more about Christ.  Please pray for a local Spanish speaking church.

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If you want a specific need met, please make a note of this when donating via Paypal on the confirmation page under Specific Donation Request?  A Paypal account is NOT required to donate.  Note that Acts 2:42 Ministries has 501c3 non-profit status.

One community meal where relationships can be formed and Christ can be shared - $40

Note that the following donations will NOT be given as handouts.  Instead, you will be providing a living wage for those in Acts 2:42 Ministries.

One month of electricity – Approximately $100

One month of mobile home lot rent - $438


You may also give generally to support Acts 2:42 Ministries. 

Specific Needs:

Specific Needs

A non-profit business mentor – Acts 2:42 Ministries desires to make the greatest impact for God’s Kingdom.  However, God has given wisdom to people that can benefit others.  If you are, or know of, a non-profit business mentor, please contact Acts 2:42 Ministries.


Spanish To English translator – To help to facilitate language lessons and share the Gospel. 

Reading and English tutors – To help children become better readers and to help the Latino adults learn more English.

A social media expert – In order to reach more with the vision and ultimately Christ.


A professional web designer – To review and suggest changes to the website.


A graphic artist – To review and suggest changes to the logo.


Interested People - If you know of someone who would be interested in this ministry they can send an email and/or connect at Facebook.


Leadership resources – Acts 2:42 Ministries can only be as effective as its leaders.  Therefore, growing its leadership can allow Acts 2:42 Ministries to make a larger impact for God’s kingdom. 

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