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Ready for Kindergarten

Congratulations to Jeremmy for graduating and being ready for kindergarten in the Fall. He has done some tutoring with Acts 2:42 Ministries ( and knows his letters and numbers. He even knows a few words. Acts 2:42 Ministries hopes to bless him with some back-to-school supplies this summer. The pictures are him at some past events.

High School Senior

A former student (Ashley) graduated from high school! Her family came from Peru several years ago and she didn’t know much English. She said she had no idea what was going on in school when she first came here.

Vending Machine

What do you think of God? Last week this was a discussion topic with a middle schooler during an Acts 2:42 Ministries session. One middle schooler thought God was a vending machine. Say the right prayer, do enough for others, and it is like pushing the right buttons on a vending machine to get what we want. While I see how this thinking is unbiblical, too often I see myself falling into this trap. “Look God at all the good things I am doing and how long I prayed. Now since I did A, B, and C, you must give me X, Y, and Z.” However, God does behave like this. Otherwise, He wouldn’t be God. See Isaiah 55:8-9.

Donation Followup

Thank you to Leroy Wilson and Carrington Court for their donation to Acts 2:42 Ministries. As you can see from the pictures, people are enjoying the puzzle and shoe donations.

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