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Praise and Prayer Update

A lot has happened with Acts 2:42 Ministries. Here are three praises and prayer requests:

3 Praises:

  • A 3rd grader who has been tutored in reading for over a year has made enough progress to not go to an ESL group anymore this school year.

  • Three volunteers have greatly helped personalize the English tutoring that occurs with the Peruvians. It is great to see them get additional help.

  • An additional volunteer who knows Spanish has started helping another family. This is a blessing as the mom knows very little English.

3 Prayers:

  • Another family has expressed interest in tutoring. However, an additional volunteer or two is needed to fill this need.

  • For relationships to deepen so Christ can be shared. It greatly helps to have some volunteers that know Spanish.

  • For a Spanish speaking church to be established in the community. The Spanish speaking churches are roughly a 30 minute drive away. Some don’t have cars so this is impractical to go to.

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