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It all works out, if you can trust

Sometimes the exact opposite of what I think will work ends up getting the best result. Last month I had to deal with a difficult relationship with someone at my tutoring job. However, things are much better between us now. Two things occurred. First, I took Romans 12:20-21 to heart and treated the person with respect. I went out of my way to find nice things to say about them in front of my boss. This was difficult given I really did feel wronged by the person. Second, due to a family health emergency I was absent from the job for a few days. This absence made the person realize how I was assisting the overall tutoring program. So, what I thought were things that I would never try or plan, worked out great. Trusting in God is way better than trying my own thing. However, I have to be reminded of that again and again. I pray that I carry these lessons forward as I lead Acts 2:42 Ministries and the community dinners. What may seem contradictory could result in people accepting Christ and/or deepening their relationship with Him.


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