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Puzzle Time!

With the extra time staying at home, instead of just using digital devices, there are other ways to pass the time. Thank you to Leroy Wilson for donating the puzzles for families to do.

Excelling in Math!

Praise God for excelling in academics. Both a 5th grader and a kindergartner that Acts 2:42 Ministries tutors are being considered for gifted math. Unfortunately, the gifted testing results may never be known, but it is encouraging to see both of them excel.

Great Board Meeting

Thank you to those that prayed for Acts 2:42 Ministries’ board meeting. Many great ideas came from it.

Annual Board Meeting

Acts 2:42 Ministries’ annual board meeting is this Sunday afternoon. We would appreciate your prayers.

Daily Bible Reading

Praise God for daily reading the Bible. This Bible was given to a 5th grader during Christmas time from Acts 2:42 Ministries. She says she has been reading it every day.

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