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Colombian Student

A new student has joined Acts 2:42 Ministries tutoring! He is from Columbia. Last week I got some time to speak with him. It made me realize the many blessings we take for granted in this country (i.e. standard of living, driving safety, infrastructure).

Annual Board Meeting

Please pray for the annual board meeting for Acts 2:42 Ministries. It is Sunday afternoon.

Facebook donation approved!

It took awhile, but Acts 2:42 Ministries got approved to accept donations on Facebook! This is a blessing for a few reasons. First, Facebook doesn’t take any fees for donating on its site. Second, for the past two Giving Tuesdays (this year – November 27th) the Gates Foundation has matched donations made to non-profits. See the donation button at:

March 4th!

March 4th Christian to tell others about the saving power of Jesus. March 4th Christian to what I have called you to do. March 4th Christian despite what others think. March 4th Christian as you are sent out as sheep among wolves (Matthew 10:16).

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