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Relationships are work

For those that don’t know, since September I have been responsible for overseeing other tutors at my job. It has been interesting and I have learned a lot about relating to others. Sometimes, I feel it would be great if people understood what I needed, but I find that isn’t always the case. So, over the past several months I have gained a lot of experience in learning how to work with people, see their perspective, and offer guidance without offending them or treating them as children. I still have a lot to learn. Sometimes I ask God to intervene and just make things happen the way I want. However, I know that He is growing me though the difficulties so that I am better prepared for what lies ahead. Someday I feel God saying to open up a school. Whether this comes from Acts 2:42 Ministries or someplace else, I am unsure. However, I do know that the job experiences I am having will prove valuable. I have to remember His will is perfect and to rely on Him no matter what may be difficult in my life.

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