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New job!

I am excited to start a new job tomorrow as a literacy tutor in Maple Heights (a town that borders Cleveland). My passion is small group tutoring in an urban setting. I will be learning a lot. I can see how it will help with my other tutor activities such as with Acts 2:42 Ministries.

Parents visited!

The latest visitors to Acts 2:42 Ministries, my parents! We had a nice dinner (shout out to Bernie Skvarka for making the delicious meal) and neighbors came over to meet them.

Sometimes we are the answer

Sometimes the answer to our prayers is ourselves. As I started tutoring English to those that live here I desired to communicate with them in Spanish. After asking and praying, I felt strongly that I needed to learn Spanish. While it will take years to learn Spanish proficiently, I can see how the people have a greater respect for me attempting to learn Spanish. They see that I care enough to not just teach English, but also learn their native language. This is truly God working as I always remember disliking language learning. I never did like English in school. However, God works in mysterious (and sometimes humorous) ways. Through Acts 2:42 Ministries ( I am

Learning many things

Starting Acts 2:42 Ministries has caused me to learn many things. I am learning Spanish and it going great. I am learning about the Latino culture. I am learning double-entry accounting. I am learning various ways to fundraise. So, how will God use these things going forward? Not sure but I am sure it won’t go wasted.

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